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I try using coupons, but coordinating coupons and sales is time consuming, and I generally find that I get more savings by buying the majority of my groceries at Aldi. Two recent examples:. I received a coupon for a pound of free ham from Honeybaked Ham.

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Not a bad deal, but nothing about the experience would lead me to become a repeat customer. I use slickdeals. Or, I look for something specific in the search box in the upper right. No extreme couponer inclinations needed. But after you do it for a while you get pretty fast at it.

The best deal I have seen via these sites, that I sadly missed out on, was just yesterday. I no longer buy from Groupon et al. Often these deals translate to a loss for the merchant.


It is hit or miss, really. Also, some businesses use these because they are already in the red thinking that Groupon will somehow save them as they see it as a great form of advertising, or some Groupon sales rep convinced them that it was. One Groupon reduced product campaign can actually put the business even further in the red and they can shut their doors and declare bankruptcy.

This has happened before…and then the consumer can be left hanging without being able to redeem their coupon or get a reimbursement. Although I am sure there are a few businesses that offer great service I had great service from a catering company once , I gave up on buying through Groupon.

Like you, I think any Groupons for service-oriented things should be avoided at all costs. In my mind, it is a mutually unbeneficial relationship for the business and the consumer. The owner or contractor feels like they are being taken for a ride by Groupon or the coupon holder and then either does a shoddy job or tacks on all kinds of other charges.

The main winners in all this are the coupon sites, who extract a large percentage of the cash for very little effort on their part. Once in a while we get one to a place we go normally, and then it allows us to go all out and order appetizers and desserts. We almost never do this because of the cost, but in this case, I think the establishment actually comes out somewhat ahead. I think a lot of Groupon users are cheapskates and also neglect to tip on the actual value of the food or service NOT what they paid for it. This makes the waitresses wary of the coupon. I use Groupon and LivingSocial sparingly for reasons others have said above.

Or I get excited about something and end up not doing it in time. On a side note, not sure about Groupon, but LivingSocial is having some serious money flow issues. Rarely go wrong with any of them. I especially dislike site like groupon because they entice you to spend money you would otherwise not part from. After unsatisfactory experiences with vouchers from Restaurant. In general, I think coupons encourage overspending and buying more than you need. I think most businesses are pretty good at figuring out how low they can go and still make a profit, and few will put themselves in the hole over a sale.

If you were buying two rings from the store at the same time, you could have negotiated a discount instead of using the coupon. There is a huge markup on jewelry and stores have a lot of room to negotiate. Groupon is a fabulous place for getting discount tickets for attractions. It might not be great for service, but it sure does help on ticket prices. Retail Me Not has saved me a ton of money over the years. I bought a living social coupon for a funpark place that we wanted to try, a great deal.

Husband went with kids a month later, but forgot to bring coupon and so paid full price, even the coupon would have paid both of their admission fees, and then it expired. I think you really have to ask yourself if you are a coupon person before commiting. My husband has an aversion to coupons so I only use coupons where I am doing a transcation that I can complete myself, such as over the computer. My husband is the same way. I really like retailmenot. There are so many free coupons out there that will save you some good money. They vary in the mentality. Retailmenot is great and I check there or my credit card rewards program before I buy anything online.

Slickdeals and woot are a lot of fun but are used fairly infrequently. Slickdeals has found us some great deals for vacationing in Las Vegas. If you think coupons. I also like Slickdeals. I regularly follow the thread for the 2 grocery stores I shop and users help each other by locating the best deals of the week. Since users are working together it means less time that I have to spend locating good deals that I would otherwise miss.

I also unsubscribed to groupon and livingsocial deals. I dont buy them but my sister loves them and ends up not using them in time. Although it was way easier to get a refund from livingsocial deals then it was from groupon. Ive used retailmenot in the past for purchases. I get so happy when i see free shipping but usually not to hawaii so then im bummed.


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Maybe if you i really need to cut spending in that area ill try it again but not for now. Whenever your click on a link it never takes you directly to the exact coupon you seek. Just like the link on the bottle it takes you to a whole sheet of coupons not to the actual coupon. I hate ANY fraudulent, bait and switch tactics.

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I simply REFUSE to search the entire coupons dot com index to get the 1 single coupon and have to print 10 pages of color prints! So I simply refuse to use coupons dot com for that product or try to find and alternative non-fraudulently advertised product. When I click on a link and it forces me to go to coupons dot com. I hate the site sending me, criticize them on all the digital media such as Facebook and forums. Go to an advanced search that allows you to exclude a particular domain!

G is what is what I use! I hate how quickly the really good coupons expire, but I recently came across Flipit. I use coupons whenever I shop online and I almost always manage to save something! Those coupon site list is really useful. I compared and choose retailmenot. I did save some that time. And now, I always collect coupons from the following sites: Retailmenot. Hidden fields. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Journey around the world with your friends or family members.

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